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Baoji Ruixin Energy Equipment Co., Ltd started with a technical group. Now we have grown to be an ISO 9001:2015 supplier for wireline tools, pressure control equipments and coiled tubing tools with more than 20 years combined experience.

With the advantage of professional capacity of new products development, our talented R & D team has been releasing various innovative products for different operations, 15 patented products included.

Equipped with over 20 advanced equipment like NC lathe, CNC, deep hole drilling machine, etc., our manufacturing time is much more competitive. And we are always proud of our over 25 skilled staff for their strict quality awareness and reliable ability of after-sales service.

We can also provide you with the following services:

Our customers reference:

◆ CNPC Bohai Drilling ◆ CNPC Great Wall Drilling ◆ CNPC Tarim Oilfield ◆ CNPC Xibu Drilling ◆ CNPC Changqing Oilfield ◆ Sinopec Jiangs -u Oil Production Plant ◆ Sinopec Southwest Research Institute ◆ Sinopec Tahe Oilfield ◆ Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co. Ltd ◆ Kerui P -etroleum ◆ Petro-king Oil ◆ Bohai Oilfield ◆ Huatai Oil Service ◆ Heilongjiang Coal Geological Testing Center ◆ Anton Oilfield Services G -roup ◆ SPT Energy Group

  • J Unlatching Tool
  • Anti Blow-Up Tool
  • X Running Tool
  • X/XN Lock Mandrel
  • Tubing perforator/Tubing Puncher
  • Alligator Grab
  • Wireline Releasable Collet Type Bulldog Spear
  • Wireline Collet Type Bulldog Spear
  • Wireline Releasable Overshot
  • Wireline Accelerator