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Gas Drive Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump 100 PSI Air Pressure

Gas Drive Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump 100 PSI Air Pressure

  • Gas Drive Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump 100 PSI Air Pressure
  • Gas Drive Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump 100 PSI Air Pressure
Gas Drive Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump 100 PSI Air Pressure
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China Baoji
Brand Name: Ruixin
Certification: API
Model Number: Customized according to customer requirements
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 5-6 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 set 5 weeks
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Gas Drive Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump Air Pressure: 100PSI
Pump Body: Haskel / Maximator / SC Compressed Air Pressure: 0.6-1 Mpa
Operating Temperature: 4 ℃ —50 ℃ Size: QB2-25K-A
Compressed Air Flow (at 1 Mpa): 2.4㎡/ Min
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100 PSI hydraulic pressure test pump


1Mpa Hydraulic pressure test pump


0.6Mpa Hydraulic pressure test pump

Gas Drive Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump 100 PSI Air Pressure



Gas drive hydraulic pressure test pump

I. Introduction
QB gas drive hydraulic pressure test pump is a gas-liquid booster pump that uses gas as power to push liquids form high pressure and conduct pressure tests on containers or other pressure-resistant equipment.
The biggest advantage of the pump is that it can be started at any pressure within operating pressure range, thereby avoiding disadvantage that the electric pump must be started from zero pressure. This is especially important for real working conditions that require reaction equipment, especially for downhole tools. Secondly, because powered by compressed air, so it will not cause fire due to electric sparks, which is especially suitable for fire and explosion-proof applications.
According to user’s different requirements, pump can be made into one to three outlets, which can test one to three subjects at the same time, thus greatly saves work space and time.
The power of the pump is compressed air, so the movement is smooth and Low noise.
The speed of the pump is adjusted by controlling the size of the compressed air inlet valve, which can achieve stepless speed regulation.
Key components of the pump are made of special materials, they are durable and easy to maintain.
The whole pump is mounted on a trolley, which is small in size, light in weight, flexible and convenient to move.
The pressure source used by the pump is compressed air, so its pressure does not exceed 1Mpa, usually leakage will not causes accident; The flow at the high-pressure side is small, once leaks it will atomize and release pressure quickly, so it is safer.


II. Technical Specifications




Air Pressure.

Pump Body





Haskel / Maximator / SC



More specifications can be customized according to customers
Compressed air pressure: 0.6-1 Mpa
Compressed air flow (at 1 Mpa): 2.4㎡/ min
Use medium: water, oil
Operating temperature: 4 ℃ —50 ℃
When the QB2 pump is below 20 Mpa, the flow rate is about 4-10 times rated flow rate at high pressure.
III. Basic Structures and Principles
Pressure test pump is mainly composed of four parts: gas-liquid booster pump part, low-pressure control part, high-pressure control part and carrying part.
1. Gas-liquid booster pump is composed of two parts: power chamber part and high-pressure chamber part, that is, air cylinder and hydraulic cylinder, and parts which connected to the two cylinders.
The power chamber includes distribution valve, cylinder, piston, piston rod, and seal ring, which is the source of power generated by the pump.
The distribution valve mainly controls the reciprocating movement of the cylinder.
The high-pressure cavity is a place where high-pressure is formed, it’s composed of high-pressure cylinder, plunger, and high-pressure inlet and outlet check valve, etc.
2. Low-pressure control part is mainly gas control part:
The gas control part includes the intake control valve, air filter, oil mister, pressure gauge and other components.
The intake control valve mainly adjusts the amount of intake air, thus to control the number of strokes of the piston in unit time, that is, the number of strokes of the high-pressure plunger, so it controls the flow of the pump. The main role of air filters and oil misters is to protect and lubricate the cylinder.
3. High-pressure control part: It is mainly composed of pipeline check valve, high-pressure shut-off valve, high-pressure pipe quick connector and pressure gauge.
The pipeline check valve is only available in QB2 type, and its main function is to prevent high pressure water from flowing into the low pressure pipeline.
The high-pressure shut-off valve is divided into two groups: one group is equipped with quick connectors, which are directly connected to the equipment under test through pipelines. This group is divided into one interface type and three interface types; the other group has only one, which is used as pressure relief valve, it’s used to release the pressure in the equipment after the test is completed.
The pressure gauge can directly read the test pressure.
4. The carrying part is the support trolley, which is mainly used to install the above components. It has rolling wheels and can moves everywhere.
IV. Usage
1. Connect the compressed air line to the air inlet connection of the pump.
2. Connect the clean water line to the pump's inlet connection. Because the pump has a poor self-absorption capacity, the water supply source should be slightly higher than the pump. There is a slight pressure difference, it is best connected to the water pipe directly.
3. Fill the equipment under test with water and exhaust air.
4. Connect the device under test to the high-pressure shut-off valve with a high-pressure hose line.
5. Open the pressure relief valve and close the high-pressure shut-off valve that is not connected to the device under test.
6. Open the compressed air inlet valve and the pump will start working. When the drainage at the pressure relief valve is normal without air bubbles, close the pressure relief valve.
7. When the pressure rises to the required value, close the compressed air inlet valve, the pump will stop running and maintain the pressure. (At this time, the high-pressure shut-off valve can also be closed to reduce the leakage of the connection.)
8. After the pressure holding is completed, open the pressure relief valve to release the pressure of the equipment under test.
9. After the test is completed, remove all connected high-pressure hose lines.
10. It is best to use it with the pressure recording instrument at the same time, so that the data can be stored permanently.
V. Maintenance and Maintenance
1. Always pay attention to the oil mister, add 20 # mechanical oil in winter and 30 # mechanical oil in summer to avoid damaging the cylinder.
2. Frequently check the air filter. If the automatic discharge function fails, perform manual discharge or replace it with a new filter.
3. After using for a period of time, the water inlet filter should be cleaned to prevent the amount of water in the inlet from decreasing and affecting the displacement of the pump.
4. Before each time usage, check the seal of the pressure relief valve. Replaced immediately if it is not tight.
5. Frequently check the intact condition of the high-pressure pipeline, in case of any damage, it should be replaced in time.
6. When usage, check the connection and seal of the quick connector with the high-pressure official line and the shut-off valve. If any leakage found, it must be repaired or replaced.
7. Drain off the water to keep the equipment dry after each time usage.
VI. Failure Analysis
1. Pump cylinder Failures.
Please check and handle accordingly if any situations below:
Intake valve is open or damaged;
Compressed air should meets the work requirements;
Distribution valve is blocked or worn;
2. No liquid discharges from pump high pressure cylinder.
Please check and handle accordingly if any situations below:
There is some water in the water supply pipeline;
Water supply pressure meets requirements;
Single valve damages;
Whether the pressure relief valve is open or not;
Connection failed between the piston rod and the high-pressure plunger.
3. Both the pump high and low pressure chambers are working but no pressure.
Please check and handle accordingly if any situations below:
Check valve is damaged;
High pressure plunger seal wears;
Under test equipment is not full of water.
4. Pump speed is not increase.
Please check and handle accordingly if any situations below:
If the flow and pressure of compressed air meets the requirements;
Refer to above problems, take corresponding measures or replace parts to troubleshoot.
VII. Notice
1. Before high pressure test, the test equipment should be filled with water and exhausted, and then do it as requirements.
2. Safety measures of the high pressure test should according to enterprise's safe working regulations.
3. Regularly checks the pressure gauge,sensor according to national regulations.
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