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Quality Control

I. Quality control of raw materials
 We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of suppliers in strict accordance with relevant national technical requirements. Most of our suppliers are well-known large enterprises in China's steel production.
 The size, material and related materials of raw materials are checked and accepted according to the national standards.
 Perform ultrasonic flaw detection on each batch of steel.
  Carry out chemical composition analysis for each batch of incoming steel during acceptance.
 Test the mechanical properties of each batch of steel.
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II. Quality control of purchased parts, seals and outsourced parts
 After the purchased parts and outsourced parts arrive, the production department and the production department will fill in the "Incoming Inspection Notice" respectively, and the inspectors will inspect them according to the national industry standards, product processing drawings and the requirements of "Purchasing Control Procedures".
 After the inspector has passed the acceptance inspection, he will issue a document "Material Acceptance Form", which is a certificate of quality acceptance, and the warehouse administrator will go through the storage procedures. Those that fail to pass the inspection shall be disposed of according to the "Control Procedure for Unqualified Products".
 Seals: 100% visual and dimensional inspection of each seal, 50% dimensional spot check with measuring instruments and hardness test of seals.
 Sealing ring: 100% appearance and size inspection of each sealing ring, for the test of sealing and heat resistance, we design and manufacture a special test device, equipped with heating and insulating equipment, so as to facilitate the downhole temperature and pressure acceptance.
III. Quality control during processing:
 In strict accordance with the process and traceability requirements, test, mark and fill in the relevant records for the size, shape and position tolerance of each piece and each process.
 The monitoring and measurement of processed products shall be subject to process inspection in accordance with national industry standards, product processing drawings and the relevant "Product Inspection Regulations" formulated by the company.
 The process inspection implements three inspection systems: self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection. After the process is completed, the operator and inspector should inspect the relevant items according to the processing drawings and regulations, and carefully fill in the inspection records such as the "Product Tracking Sheet". The order can be transferred only after passing the inspection, and the unqualified products shall be implemented according to the "Unqualified Product Control Procedure".
 The "Product Manufacturing Process Flow Chart" compiled by the company clearly identifies the quality control points. For the above process, the inspectors and operators should strictly follow the relevant regulations.
 The inspector shall confirm the inspection mark, and transplant the inspection mark if necessary.
 The inspection department should complete the relevant inspection records, organize, number and store the original data in a unified manner.
 Quality records of the quality department: "Material Acceptance List", "Product Tracking List", "Notice of Non-conforming Products", and certification materials for purchasing raw materials.
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IV. Quality control of wire tool assembly and testing process:
 Test equipment: In addition to conventional hydraulic test pumps and tensile testing machines, we also have inspection cabins, pressure sensors and data acquisition systems, which can accurately and clearly record every aspect of the test.
 Technical Documentation: We have a test acceptance checklist for each tool test that clearly guides each step of the test.
 Assembly test: There are special inspectors to supervise the whole assembly process, and there is assembly record data for each tool. After the assembly is completed, the inspector will inspect and record the data item by item according to the data on the inspection sheet.
V, the quality control of the delivery process:
Before the product is packaged, the delivery person will check the product code and batch number and other related information on the product again before packaging it inside and outside.

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  • China Ruixin Energy Equipmnet certification

    Standard:API Spec Q1,9th Edition


    Issue Date:2022-09-06

    Expiry Date:2025-09-06

    Scope/Range:The scope of this registration and the approved quality management system applies to the Design, Manufacture and Sales of Lock Mandrels, Landing Nipples,Wireline Tools and Coiled Tubing Tools

    Issued By:American Petroleum Institute

  • China Ruixin Energy Equipmnet certification

    Standard:API 14L-0081


    Issue Date:2022-09-06

    Expiry Date:2025-09-06

    Scope/Range:The scope of this license includes the following:Landing Nipples at V3V2; Lock Mandrels at V3,V2,V1

    Issued By:American Petroleum Institute

  • China Ruixin Energy Equipmnet certification



    Issue Date:2022-08-08

    Expiry Date:2024-06-20



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