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2023 petroleum machinery industry continues to improve

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2023 petroleum machinery industry continues to improve
Latest company news about 2023 petroleum machinery industry continues to improve

The petroleum machinery market is developing rapidly, and the investment projects in the domestic petroleum machinery industry are gradually increasing. At present, China's petroleum machinery industry is in the growth period of the industry, China has developed more fully in the low-end market of the industry, but there is still a very large room for progress in the high-end product market.


2023 petroleum machinery industry continues to improve


Petroleum machinery mainly includes drilling equipment, oil production equipment, underground operation equipment, oil field special vehicles, special instruments including logging instruments, comprehensive logging instruments, flow meters and so on. 2023-2028 China's petroleum machinery and equipment industry supply and demand analysis and development prospects research report pointed out that in the entire number of oil drilling and production equipment, oil RIGS accounted for 70%, oil production equipment accounted for 20%, the rest of the equipment accounted for 10%. In the oil and gas geological exploration stage and production stage, the main demand equipment and products are drilling rig, derrick, drilling control motor and so on.


With the development of China's petroleum industry, China's petroleum machinery manufacturing enterprises from scratch, from small to large, from a single variety to a complete category, from high-tech petroleum equipment mainly rely on imports to localization, China Petroleum has owned nearly dozens of machinery manufacturing enterprises, it should be said that China's petroleum machinery has made considerable progress.


Taking major petroleum machinery and equipment as an example, pumping units, rods, pumps, hot car washing, oil production vehicles, workover machines, well washing vehicles, etc., physical exploration drilling RIGS, logging winches, electric drilling RIGS and supporting equipment used in drilling projects can be produced domestically, and the type structure of domestic petroleum machinery has formed a systematic and specialized structure. Changed the situation of mainly relying on imports, and some products have been exported to the Middle East, Central Asia and other countries.


China's petroleum machinery manufacturing industry in the continuous development and improvement, especially with the efforts of relevant personnel, China's petroleum machinery industry has achieved very good results. The related products are also more and more abundant, and the product coverage is wide, which can be applied in many industries and fields. In addition, the sale of petroleum machinery has also played a good role in the development of China's petroleum industry. At present, China is in the condition of market globalization, the changes and changes in the sales market of petroleum machinery, but also to China's petroleum machinery manufacturing enterprises have brought a certain impact.


latest company news about 2023 petroleum machinery industry continues to improve  0


China's petroleum machinery enterprises to improve the level of technology


China's petroleum machinery industry is a cross-sectoral industry, separate governance, forming a segmentation situation, it is difficult to effectively carry out national unified industry management, macro-control and micro-guidance is ineffective. China's petroleum machinery industry has a short development history, most enterprises are not high technical level, lack of production and operation experience, too much attention to expand production, and slow progress in improving the level of production technology. Developed petroleum machinery enterprises have advanced machinery manufacturing equipment and enterprise management methods, which makes the production technology and management level of enterprises in a position.


Domestic petroleum machinery must work hard in the research of technology, the government must pay attention to, enterprises must be willing to spend money, the key link to organize the team to tackle problems, in order to improve international competitiveness, increase exports, expand domestic demand.


In addition, petroleum machinery enterprises should adjust the product structure, strive to improve product quality, improve technical level; We should pay attention to the complete set of design, production and supply to enhance the competitiveness of products in the domestic and international markets. Foreign machinery manufacturers are also many, but the production of the same equipment manufacturers are few, each manufacturer's products have their own characteristics and advantages, and most of the foreign manufacturers have a certain mutual interest relationship, occupy each other 5%-10% of the other's small share, so as to avoid vicious competition, At the same time, it can promote each other to improve production quality and management level. Petroleum machinery production enterprises should strengthen quality management and establish quality awareness management mechanism.


The oil machinery sales market is broad, and the market demand has become the driving force for the development of China's petroleum machinery enterprises. At present, the structure of petroleum machinery products is unreasonable, the low level of small and medium-sized equipment repeated production, oversupply; The development of large and complete sets of equipment is slow, and a large number of repeated introductions are still needed. Some energy consumption, backward technology products can not be eliminated in time, petroleum machinery is no exception, lathe efficiency is low, large energy consumption; Many manufacturers produce large quantities of joints, cock bodies and small parts, resulting in a backlog of products. The petroleum machinery manufacturing industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the scientific and technological development ability is weak, especially many small manufacturers are accustomed to copying products, and the design and manufacturing technology are often not up to standard.

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