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Domestic drilling technology rejuvenates old oil fields

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Domestic drilling technology rejuvenates old oil fields
Latest company news about Domestic drilling technology rejuvenates old oil fields

Recently, by Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Engineering Company Bohai Drilling 40619 team construction of the whole process casing drilling 2-4- oblique 300 well successfully completed, the well is the use of the whole process casing drilling technology construction, is also the third well construction using this technology.

The reporter learned from Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Engineering Company that the well depth of 1935 meters, horizontal displacement 491.13 meters, a construction (that is, the first drilling, for the surface casing) using a conversion joint instead of the clamp, compared with the first two construction Wells deeper, greater displacement, higher difficulty.

Simple and efficient, greatly improve the drilling construction safety factor

Casing drilling is not new to the technology provider, the Drilling Technology Research Institute of Shengli Petroleum Engineering Company (hereinafter referred to as "Shengli Engineering Drilling Institute").

In view of the problems of complex fault blocks, serious heterogeneity and imperfect injection-production well pattern in old oil fields, the industry hopes to create new technology, new equipment and new tools to rejuvenate old oil fields, and casing drilling technology becomes the first choice.

What's so special about this technology? Yang Haibo, president of the drilling Institute of Shengli Engineering, gave the answer.

"Different from the traditional drill pipe drilling mode of tripping, through the well and casing, casing drilling technology uses casing instead of drill pipe and drill collar to drill, which can realize drilling and casing operation in one go, and can be completed in one trip, which is a minimalist version of conventional drilling." "It can effectively reduce the probability of complex accidents, greatly improve the safety factor of drilling construction, and achieve rapid and efficient well construction in shallow and medium reservoirs," Yang Haibo told Science and Technology Daily.

Casing drilling is of great significance to the innovation of drilling technology, and this burden falls on the shoulders of Wu Zhonghua, senior expert of Shengli Petroleum Engineering Company. More than ten years ago, Wu Zhonghua first explored casing drilling technology. This time, he was determined to fulfill his dream.

Shengli Engineering Drilling Institute quickly set up a research group headed by Wu Zhonghua, mobilizing the capable forces of six main research institutes, including measurement and control institute, drilling institute, design institute, tool institute, completion institute and high-end equipment center, fully discussed the program, inverted R & D plan, and the beginning is a sprint.

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Start from zero, use your own spear to attack your own shield

With a tight schedule and a heavy task, the challenge for the team was that they were starting almost from scratch.

Wu Zhonghua said: "The whole process of casing drilling to do the whole process is not drilling, just like a rocket launch there is no turning back the bow, once drilling, every link must be a success, any mistake is the failure of the whole project."

The first problem faced by the research team is how to achieve a two-break (that is, a second trip for drilling the oil casing) to the target zone. The second bit must not only drill through the first bit, but also complete the following footage. In other words, a drill bit should be hard enough to ensure that it hits the specified footage, but not too hard to ensure that it is successfully drilled through by a two-bit bit.

"Isn't it your own spear against your own shield?" Guan Shuwei, deputy director of the high-end equipment center, and Dr. Peng Ye designed and overruled again and again, and finally developed a drillable drill bit with both soft and hard, solid outside and virtual inside, and a super drill bit with strong aggression and impact resistance.

The test is successful, and strive to achieve mass drilling

On June 19, Chen 23-Gen 27 Wells were officially drilled. On the evening of June 25, the second opening was completed, and the more critical instrument salvage link was ushered in.

It is difficult to salvage an instrument with a diameter of only 25 millimeters from a borehole with a depth of 1,363 meters and a diameter of 120 millimeters.

The salvage began at 12 p.m., when the lifting force exceeded 2 tons, Dong Guanghua and Dr. Zhao Hongshan, the director of the drilling institute, were nervous. The weight of the instrument is more than 100 kg, and the force part is only 20 mm thick, if it is broken, it means that the previous work is wasted. At 3 a.m., when the instrument was successfully lifted from the wellhead, everyone applauded with excitement.

The following completion operation verified the reliability of the drillable float band, the torsion reduction centralizer and the effectiveness of the water-free cement slurry system. Wei Xinfang and Lu Huiqiang of the completion Institute carried out the last rod of the whole casing drilling process, fulfilling their mission and bringing the above test to a successful end.

"You can say that this well achieves all of our technical goals." Wu Zhonghua is very satisfied with the result and very proud of the team.

A week later, the research group successfully conducted a directional well test on the same well platform, and the results were still smooth and created a new record, proving that this new domestic technology has enough "hard power".

The reporter learned that next, the goal of the research group is to develop a special drilling rig for casing drilling, to achieve mass drilling, by then, drilling will be as simple and fast as "transplanting rice".

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