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◆The diet should nourish the yin and moisten the lungs
Autumn is harvested and winter is stored. When winter comes, people's appetite generally increases. At this time, you must remember to control your mouth to avoid hurting your stomach. The diet should be based on the principle of "nourishing yin and moistening the lungs". The diet is mainly based on nourishing yin. Eat more foods and fruits that nourish yin and moisten dryness, and promote fluid and nourish the lungs, such as Sydney, sugar cane, persimmon, water chestnuts, white fungus, and pineapple. , bird's nest, pig lungs, honey, silky chicken, turtle meat, turtle meat, duck eggs, etc., eat less spicy and stimulating food to prevent damage to the yin and lungs, eat more sweet and sour foods and fruits, such as pomegranate, grape, mango, apple , grapefruit, lemon, hawthorn, etc., are conducive to moisturizing and protecting yin. In addition, you should eat less spicy foods such as onions, ginger, garlic, and peppers.
◆Science of winter tonic
Winter tonic is a health preservation method that has been circulating in my country for thousands of years. After the consumption of summer heat, winter tonic can well nourish the loss of the body, and has a good storage effect for consumption in the coming year, making the body healthier. In winter, it is necessary to warm up and eat less raw and cold food, but it should not be dry and hot. It is appropriate to eat some foods that nourish yin and hide yang, and high-calorie meals are appropriate. At the same time, you should also eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and milk to avoid vitamin deficiency. Pay special attention to increasing your vitamin C requirements. Adequate intake of animal foods and soybeans to meet the needs of high-quality protein, appropriate increase in fat, vegetable oil is best to reach more than half.
◆ Open windows for ventilation to keep indoor air fresh
In the cold winter, people often close the doors and windows tightly, which makes the house full of carbon dioxide and exhaust gas, which is very detrimental to human health. Therefore, even in the extremely cold winter and twelfth lunar month, attention should be paid to opening windows regularly in order to discharge carbon dioxide and waste gas and increase the oxygen concentration. At the same time, let the sun shine in and increase the content of negative ions in the room to keep the indoor air circulating and fresh.
◆The colder you are, the more you need to drink more water
People stay in warm indoors and rarely go out for activities, but it does not mean that the body consumes less water. In winter, the climate is dry and the air humidity is low, so it should be supplemented with water. Drinking more water in winter can also speed up metabolism and play a role in resisting the cold.
◆ Moderate exercise, more active hands and feet
Many people give up exercising because they are afraid of the cold in winter. This is the most unwise way. Exercise is actually the best way to fight cold. During exercise, fat is converted into heat, which can help you maintain body temperature, improve blood pressure circulation and relieve cold hands and feet. At the same time, strengthening exercise can also improve immunity and resistance, which can help you stay away from cold. and disease. Be sure to warm up before exercising. After jogging first to make the body sweat slightly, then perform high-intensity fitness exercises. When exercising, the clothes are mainly to keep warm and prevent colds. After exercising, you should put on clothes in time to avoid catching a cold.
◆The neck, back, abdomen and feet should be kept warm
These parts are the parts that are easy to cause people to get sick in winter. If the neck is cold, headache, neck pain, etc. will occur; if the back is cold, for example, people who are still sleeping on the mat will often sneeze, stuffy nose and even catch a cold when they wake up in the morning. Abdominal warmth is the key protection work for women. To avoid dysmenorrhea, to avoid irregular menstruation, to avoid cold discomfort, abdominal warmth is the key; finally, there are many acupuncture points on the feet, once the cold is uncomfortable, it will cause the body to have conditioned reflexes and various problems.
◆ Winter bathing should be moisturizing and dry
There are four taboos in winter bathing: avoid washing too frequently, avoid hot water, avoid rubbing too much, and avoid soap that is too alkaline. Otherwise, it is very easy to destroy the sebum that is not much on the surface of the skin, making the skin drier, and thus more prone to itching and chapping. After bathing, you can rub some licorice oil, antipruritic cream, emollient cream, etc. to keep the skin moist and prevent the skin surface from drying and falling off.
◆ Going to bed before 11 o'clock is the most economical tonic
The easiest, cheapest and best tonic is to go to bed early, no later than 11 o'clock every day. Experts emphasize that night is to the human body what winter is to nature. Nature has to go to sleep in winter, and people have to sleep at night. 11 pm is midnight, which is the winter of the human body. When the body is awake, the yang qi floats outside the body. At this time, when you go to sleep, the yin, essence, qi, blood, and yang qi of the human body are all replenished.
◆ Dress softly and pay attention to the matching of clothes
If you don't pay attention to wearing clothes in winter, you will feel itchy skin more easily. This is due to the constant friction between the body and clothes, and between clothes and clothes to generate static electricity, which irritates the skin. Therefore, in winter, clothing that is not easy to generate static electricity, such as pure cotton and silk, should be used as much as possible.
◆ Sunbathe more, aphrodisiac and mood
Winter is the season when all things are silent, so traditional Chinese medicine advocates "basing the back" to maintain health in winter. The back is the place where the seven most important meridians of the body transport and manage yang qi. You often sit with your back to the sun, allowing the sun to warm the back slightly. When you feel comfortable in the sun when you are in the sun, it means that there is sufficient yang energy in your body and smooth meridians. When the yang energy is replenished, we can enjoy life full of energy. Go out for a walk and enjoy the alternative feeling that winter brings to us.
Help scientific prevention, protect everyone's health, and strengthen protection work. Baoji Ruixin's anti-epidemic measures have been put in place. Everyone is the first responsible person for their own health. Let's start from the details and work hard together! I believe our future will be better!

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