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Solar term health-vernal equinox

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Solar term health-vernal equinox
Latest company news about Solar term health-vernal equinox

There is a saying in the agricultural proverb: "Wheat rises at the vernal equinox, and every moment is worth a thousand dollars". It reminds us to cherish spring, the plan of the year lies in spring, and only when we sow in spring can we reap in autumn.

Today's spring equinox

After eating the vernal equinox, a day grows longer, which not only shows the ancient farmers' understanding and care for the laws of nature, but also reflects the values and attitudes of ancient farmers. In the ancient agricultural society, spring was an important farming season, and the saying "After eating the vernal equinox, a day grows longer" symbolizes the working spirit and will of farmers. By farming and watering crops with sweat, they strive to seize the only favorable opportunity in spring and strive to harvest as soon as possible and live a rich life. At the same time, in the turbulent and arduous agricultural production, we should also grasp the timing, environment and other factors properly. Therefore, "After eating the vernal equinox, one day is longer" also represents one's life values that one should strive for progress, seize the opportunity and pursue progress.

This proverb also contains rich cultural connotation and philosophy of life. In ancient culture, many poems and traditional stories also emphasized the importance of time utilization. For example, Su Shi, a poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote in "When is the Moon at the Head of the Water Tune" that "people have joys and sorrows, and the moon is full of ups and downs, which is difficult to complete in ancient times". His poems remind people that they should cherish time and seize opportunities. No matter whether they are happy or sad, they should learn to "love the beach". As the saying goes, "A day grows longer after eating the vernal equinox" conveys a similar philosophy of life. The ancients thought that time was like a fish flowing in a river, which was difficult to master and there was no way to turn back. Therefore, only by working hard and pioneering in time can we reap endless life value.

Because the vernal equinox happens to be equally divided day and night, and the yin and yang are equally divided, the solar terms at this time are characterized by the balance of yin and yang. Therefore, health care should also conform to the characteristics of the solar terms at this time, and it is necessary to stress "peace", take harmony as the most important and take peace as the duration.

In the northern areas where there is little rain in spring, resisting spring drought is still an important agricultural activity in the vernal equinox. These places should pay close attention to spring irrigation, water saving, jointing fertilizer and strengthen preparations for resisting spring drought and freezing injury. In spring, when the weather warms up, cold air often invades, especially in the south of the Yangtze River and along the Yangtze River. The cold air in the north meets the warm and humid airflow from the south, resulting in continuous rainy days in spring, which obviously lowers the temperature, thus forming what people often call "late spring cold". At this time, it is necessary to appropriately increase or decrease clothes according to the changes of seasons, and pay attention to keeping warm.

During the vernal equinox, there is a custom in China that women and children compete for flying kites. After the vernal equinox, people began to go for an outing one after another. Flying kites is an important item in outdoor activities. In ancient times, there was also the custom of drinking flowers at the vernal equinox. On this day, people of all ages, men, women and children would spend flowers. Kites were called "harrier" and "kite" in ancient times, both of which were eagle birds of prey. Most kites in ancient times were made of silk or paper in the shape of an eagle, so kites were also called "paper harrier" and "paper kite". Later, kites had different shapes, and most of them were flying in spring.

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Starting from me in vernal equinox and scientific health preservation;

Living late at the vernal equinox, going to bed early.

After the vernal equinox, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. After convergence and hiding in winter, the yang of the human body begins to spread and diverge in spring.

This upward yang-heat qi promotes the growth and development of all things.

If you feel sleepy, you might as well take a nap to eliminate fatigue.

The vernal equinox diet should be sweet and less sour

The general principle of diet aftercare in spring is to give priority to lightness, and to be sweet and sour.

In spring, liver qi is strong, temper is weak, and spleen deficiency is easy to cause fatigue and limb weakness.

At this time, eat more foods that are sweet and spleen-nourishing, such as milk and bean products; Eating seasonal vegetables, such as bean sprouts and daylily, can enhance the qi of the spleen and stomach. And products that nourish the liver and kidney, such as medlar, peanuts, jujube, longan, and fruits such as cherries and strawberries, can be eaten more. However, acidic foods such as mutton, dog meat, marine fish, shrimp and crabs should be eaten as little as possible.

It is advisable to exercise outdoors at the vernal equinox.

Spring is bright and lush, which is a good time for fitness.

In addition to hiking and mountain climbing, it is best to go to outdoor activities often at this time, such as doing exercises, walking, dancing and playing Tai Ji Chuan.

Outdoor exercise can make the human body's blood flow smoothly, get rid of the old and absorb the new, and keep fit. During exercise, breathing fresh air is also beneficial to the release of liver qi and plays a role in protecting and nourishing the liver.

Spring equinox health care doors and windows are more open.

In spring, more doors and windows should be opened, so that more sunlight can be radiated indoors, which can keep the air fresh and sterilize. Cleaning the room frequently and removing dirt from dark corners can kill bacteria and reduce air pollution. In the rainy season in southern China, you may wish to smoke indoors with mugwort leaves for disinfection and dehumidification.

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