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Take you through the offshore oil field production system

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Take you through the offshore oil field production system
Latest company news about Take you through the offshore oil field production system

Types of offshore production facilities Offshore production facilities are buildings built on the sea. Because offshore facilities are used for seabed oil development and oil production work, coupled with differences in ocean water depth and sea conditions, different reservoir areas, and different production years, there are many types of offshore production facilities. It can be basically divided into three categories: offshore fixed production facilities, floating production facilities and underwater production systems.

In these three categories can be subdivided as follows: Fixed production facilities Pile foundation gravity artificial island compliant platform Offshore production facilities Offshore production facilities Offshore production facilities Floating production system Semi-submersible tension-leg floating production storage vessel Underwater production system Dry wet Typical offshore production facilities:

1. Fixed production facilities A fixed production facility is an offshore structure that is fixed to the sea floor by pile foundation, pedestal foundation or other methods and has a certain stability and carrying capacity. There are various forms of offshore fixed production facilities, which can be divided into pile platform, gravity platform, artificial island and compliant platform according to their structural forms. According to its use, it can be divided into wellhead platform, production and treatment platform, oil storage platform, living power platform and integrated platform integrating drilling, wellhead, production and treatment and living facilities.

2. The construction of steel fixed platform is a complex process, which is divided into two kinds of operations: onshore prefabrication and offshore installation. Onshore prefabrication is carried out on special sites. The jacket, upper module and jacket cap are prefabricated onshore. Offshore installation includes two parts: offshore transportation and offshore installation. The jacket and the block are transported to the oilfield site by barge or other methods, the jacket is first sunk to the predetermined position, and then piles are driven to the sea bottom along each pipe, and then the jacket cap is installed on the jacket, and the upper module is hoisted to the jacket cap by the crane ship, and the platform is completed.

3. The underwater production system port platform is also equipped with necessary process equipment, support systems and public systems. In general, its power and control are provided by a central platform. Some wellhead platforms also have living buildings due to the needs of production operations. The living building includes housing, office, communication room, recreation room, kitchen, etc. For the well head platform with a large number of Wells and the oil well is a mechanical production well, the platform is also equipped with a workover rig and its supporting facilities to meet the special requirements of oil well maintenance.

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