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The happy journey for the new people!

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The happy journey for the new people!
Latest company news about The happy journey for the new people!

On August 04, 2023, all employees and family members of the company embarked on a journey (pure journey to meet Gannan). A simple and warm collective four-day tour group building activities, at this moment, we put down our work, with a beautiful mood, to a place completely different from real life, opened our happy journey. Along the way, compatriots laugh and laugh, change the tension and busy work on weekdays, at this time we also narrow the distance between each other, let employees feel the care from the company, for a long time to give affirmation and gratitude for hard work, everyone together to communicate with each other, not only promote the friendship between each other, but also further strengthen the cohesion of the team, Not only enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, but also enhance the sense of belonging of employees.

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Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the spiritual guide of employees. How to imperceptibly transmit corporate values and business philosophy to every employee, thus creating a highly cohesive and loyal team. The purpose of this activity is not only a good time for everyone to relax, but also a good time to hone the sense of team. It is important to express the company's concern for employees on the basis of lively company team atmosphere, strengthen communication and cooperation between employees, and integrate team spirit into the activity. Create a united, lively and striving atmosphere for all staff. In the following days, with the joint efforts of all the family members of Ruixin, we will create a united and cooperative, harmonious, positive and loving working atmosphere.

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Baoji Ruixin's approach is to expand activities, travel, holiday gifts, five years, ten years, and so on. "Baoji Ruixin" gradually condensed the "intangible" enterprise spirit and culture with tangible activities, awakened employees' sense of ownership, and made employees have a strong sense of belonging in the enterprise.

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In recent years, "Baoji Ruixin" continuous innovation, rapid development, has won the "high-tech enterprise certificate", "invention patent certificate", "national utility model patent certificate", "trademark registration certificate", "two integration management system evaluation certificate", "donation certificate" and many other awards, but also with excellent quality, high-quality service trusted by customers. Baoji Rui new people because of love, help each other, because of destiny, so together. After work, the tour group to build a small gathering, the heart together is the team, the future days let us go all out together, will continue to work together, pragmatic innovation, the good quality of the pass, all the way through the waves, progress, to better service to repay customers, write a more magnificent Hua Zhang.


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